HDE, Inc.

HDE, Inc. is a cloud-based security company which is located in Shibuya, Japan. I'd an internship opportunity in this company for 3 months (June - August 2014). In a small team consists of two people, we've developed a cost visualizer for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and a registration system for Global Internship Programme (GIP) applicants.

Surya University

SURE (Surya University Learning System) is a multi-class learning system project, which is developed by a team of six people. The main idea of this project is to integrate BBB (Skype-like with multi-platform & multi-device support), Moodle, and Android to help lecturer in teaching parallel classes at the same time.

PT. Divusi

PT. Divusi is an IT consulting company which is located in Bandung, Indonesia. The main focus of this project is to create an efficient assets management system. This web-based project is developed in Angular JS as its main framework by six people.

Vector Learning (PT. INTI)

Vector Learning is an e-learning management system project, which is developed in PT. INTI. This project can be accessed natively by Android and it also can be accessed from web browsers. Vector learning has ten people as its core members.

Notaris Parser

Notaris (read: Notary) Parser is created for notary management system. This system stores all clients' personal data in the database and retrieves it as a ready-to-print document with the desired format. This project is solely created by me.


This web (Yii framework based) is created as a communication media for junior-year orientation in HMIF ITB. This project is created by a team of six people.


Harashoo is an android-based application which is created for BestApps Competition 2014. Harashoo is a social media which focuses on community interraction. This project is developed by a team of four people.

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Code Area

BakaReader EX

BakaReader EX is an open-source light novel reader for Android. At the current time, it has around 100,000 application downloads. Click here for details.

Simple ECC

Simple ECC is an elliptic curve cryptosystem implementation for research purpose in JAIST, Japan.


IsTorrent is a customize torrent protocol implementation for distributed system laboratory in Institut Teknologi Bandung.


IsRemote is a customize remote desktop implementation for distributed system laboratory in Institut Teknologi Bandung.


Have you ever played Pokemon or Monster Rancher? PokeRanch is an Android game application, which is actually a combination of those games. This game is created by six-person team. (Note: quite fail)

Kecoa Buster

Kecoa (read: Cockroach) Buster is a flash (AS3) project, which is created for Genshiken ITB. This game is created by eight-person team.

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About Me

Software Developer from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Hello everyone, welcome to Freedomofkeima Zone! My name is Iskandar Setiadi. I've received my B.S. (2015) in Informatics from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). I love to explore quite a broad range of computing technologies: mobile development, web technology, cloud infrastructure, and network security. I mainly take on back-end development projects. On the other hand, I am also able to cope with other development parts to a certain degree. It's fun to solve complex problems in elegant way!

Technical Skills

Mobile Development


By delivering excellent functionalities and self-explanatory user interfaces across different devices, it ensures all of my clients to have an enjoyable experience with my applications. I also provide a well-structured documentation which allows other developers to quickly adapt with my projects. These projects are developed in Java.

Web Technology

PHP  Node JS  Java  Python

I have developed several projects which are written in PHP (Code Igniter, Yii, Wordpress CMS), Node JS (Express JS + Angular JS), Java (Play), and Python (Flask).

HTML5 Family

As front-end development isn't my main ability, I can still deliver simplistic but intuitive interface designs to my projects. The good understanding of HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript ensures me to achieve this target.

Cloud Infrastructure

As cloud enthusiast, I've deployed several projects in Amazon Web Services. I also love to explore a broad range of distributed database systems (MongoDB, Riak, Cassandra, etc). My thesis is also focused on cloud infrastructure, which is titled as "Geographically-Aware Distributed NoSQL Prototype Development".

Network Security

I believe that network security has an important role in all software products development. I've learned several cryptography techniques (hash, signature, message encryption) which are quite handy in software development. I've also participated in a research at JAIST, Japan. This research is focused on elliptic curve cryptography algorithm and implementation over coordinate systems. The implementation itself is written in C++.

Other Skills

In many projects, I use several tools such as Git, package management (Bower, etc), open-source library (jQuery, etc), and graphics editor (Photoshop, etc).


Prize of Excellence at Asia Supercomputer Community (ASC15), 2015

1st Honorary Student in Informatics Engineering (ITB), 2014

Finalist in ACM ICPC Regional Jakarta, 2014

Top 10 Finalist in Network Security Gemastik VII, 2014

Finalist in Programming Category Gemastik VII, 2014

Finalist in Competitive Programming Compfest UI, 2014

Top 100 in IEEE Xtreme Programming 8.0, 2014

Top 5 Finalist in Network Security Gemastik VI, 2013

Finalist in ACM ICPC Regional Jakarta, 2013

Random Facts

I love coffee, especially cappuccino

I love eating noodles

I like to watch Japanese animation (Anime) and other related stuffs (Light Novel, etc)

I enjoy solving mathematical problems

I play badminton as my favorite sport

I use Notepad++ (Windows), Gedit (Linux), and Sublime (Mac) as my favorite text editor



Contact Me

Looking forward to great projects and hiring offerings!

If you're an alien, time traveler, or even an esper, feel free to talk with me at:


Don't worry. Human being is also acceptable!

I usually check my mail on daily basis, except the time when my planet needs me :p

Feel free to contact me for detailed info of my portfolio!

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