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Hello everyone! First of all, welcome to Freedomofkeima blog! This blog is a branch of Freedomofkeima zone.

As a warm up, let me introduce myself :) My name is Iskandar Setiadi. I'm currently a senior-year Informatics major undergraduate student in Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia.

This blog is powered by Anchor CMS and thanks to Sonny Lazuardi, my fellow friend in ITB for the recommendation! Simply said, Anchor CMS is quite lightweight and wonderful for CS students, since it supports syntax highlighting.

    cout << "Hello World!" << endl;

Of course, this blog will not be limited to technology and IT-based sharing. I'm planning to use this platform for experience sharing, hobby (Anime, Manga related :p), culinary (yes, foods!), travelling, and so on!

So, stay tuned and let the game begins!

Author: Iskandar Setiadi - Type: Introduction - Date: 2nd Mar, 2015

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  • Yogi

    Kanchan keren bangeeet~ <3 Nggak sabar pengen baca post-post berikutnya deh :3
  • Sonny Lazuardi Hermawan

    Mantap banget... Ditunggu kelanjutannya.. Haha